Lev's Flashcards - The Animals

Learn Spanish with audio, visuals and text

Lev's Flashcards - The Animals: Learn Spanish with audio, visuals and text, are a set of 50 Digital Cards (one for each animal) including audio that will help you learn each animal in Spanish. By leveraging on blended learning techniques including visuals, text, audio and gamification, you will practice and you will learn to quickly recognize each animal in another language

Practicing Spanish with the digital cards is fun, easy & entertaining. Plus, it also follows the natural learning process, you know, the one you experience as a child, where first you start with words, your brain matches words with images & you listen to repeat and then master pronunciation. It has never been easier to learn Spanish! 

Who can use them?

Anyone, literally anyone. From Children of ages 3 and above to adults, yes, adults! It's also fun to use the cards with your kids if you have kids :)

Where can I play with them?

On a laptop, computer, tablet and even your phone! You can also access them via the mobile app.