If We Make Money, YOU Make Money. Tell me more

So if you want to make money, you’re in the right place! And what exactly do I mean by If We make money, YOU make money? Easy, you can sell any or all of our products and for every single sale that you make via our Affiliate program, you get 50% of the net revenue. That’s right! 50%. No gimmicks, no catch, no questions asked. Simple

Leave the heavy lifting of product creation to us and focus on being part of the creator economy by selling our products to your followers, colleagues, students, friends and family. Literally anyone, you name it.

What can I sell?

  • Anything or everything in our portfolio. It’s up to you

  • We specialize in online courses, ebooks and audiobooks. But we’re constantly launching new products & services. Here is our Roadmap

  • If you think we’re missing something important and you’d like us to create it so you can sell it, let us know. Just drop us an email at ask@mauriciorubio.com

How much can I make?

Source: Gumroad

What do I need to do?

  1. Open a free Gumroad account: https://gumroad.com/signup

  2. Express your interest in becoming an Affiliate by sending us an email to ask@mauriciorubio.com

  3. And then we’ll send you your affiliate links so that you can start selling our products

Why join the Crew?

Tell me more about this Affiliate program. Sure, no worries! Read this and this.