Podimo -open podcast platform

Podimo is a Copenhagen-founded podcast and short-form audio platform which offers personalized recommendations to listeners, while offering creators a share of revenue via premium subscriptions.

Premium members gain access to more than 600 shows that are exclusive to Podimo and membership fees are shared directly with the podcast creators they listen to each month. The service is currently live in Germany, Denmark and various Spanish-speaking markets.

So really how many more Podcasting apps do we need? There are already a ton out there, but personally I do like seeing newcomers who might improve what others have done before them or they might come up with a completely new end user experience or new ways for creators to monetize their content. And I’m all for that. It’s a win-win-win experience all over.

Now, one thing I should mention is that if you already have a Podcast, you can connect it to Podimo to earn more. You can learn more about that here.