SpeechKit -turn your articles into audio

SpeechKit is an app that automatically turns text into audio, so you can use it to enhance your end user experience by for example embedding their widget on your website or newsletter so your visitors can listen to your articles instead of reading them.

In the era of audio and podcasts, I must say this innovative product has caught my attention and I encourage you to explore it. Here is an example. Click on the “listen to this article” and you will experience first hand with this powerful technology can do.

SpeeckKit will allow you to create, distribute, monetize and measure your content in spoken audio.

Here are a couple of key stats from their website:

  • Gen Z and Millennials are 25% more likely to consume articles with audio.

  • Audio articles increase total avg. session duration by 10%, reducing subscription-churn.

  • Instant access to the growing $1.13 billion digital audio advertising market.