Who says you can't make money with a Podcast?

Don’t you just love when people say things like: “you can’t make money with a Podcast”? or when you tell them you have a Podcast and they look at you like you’re an alien from outer space? I do. Human nature fascinates me. But this fear of the unknown, risk aversion and lack of intellectual curiosity to explore new things and explore the realm of possibilities is precisely what causes many people to miss out on huge opportunities. Opportunities like making money from a Podcast.

Below is a real world example of how I’m making money from a Podcast. Yes, a Podcast!

And pay close attention to the image below (a screenshot from our business’s inbox).

What you are seeing there are payouts from two of our partners, across two very different revenue streams and two very different products: a Podcast and Books/EBooks. We sell our books and ebooks via Amazon and agilelee, and every month we receive royalties from our sales on Amazon like you’re seeing in the picture above. Awesome isn’t it? Remember, diversify your revenue streams to minimize your risk. It’s just a good investment and business principle. It always has been and always will be. But enough about our own examples. I will provide another real world example of a Podcast making over $50K/month. And I wanted to share this example because after seeing the pics above some of you are already wondering how much we’re making from our Podcast. Well.. I’m going to leave you wondering on that one and about our financials, since my business partners and I prefer to keep a low profile when it comes to how much we’re making for privacy, safety and security reasons.